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Exact Result on
Irrelevant Deformations of QFTs

Hybrid: Online + Jeju Island, Korea September 26 - October 2

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Quantum field theory (QFT) is one of the most important frameworks in physics, and it is widely used in physics from particle physics to condensed matter physics. The understanding of QFT beyond the perturbation theory is still a significant challenge. Physicists have tackled this formidable challenge with exactly solvable models. In particular, two families of exactly solvable models in two dimension, two-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) and two-dimensional integrable quantum field theories (IQFTs), have been prominent playground. However, we still do not have enough examples of exactly solvable models to understand the non-perturbative physics.Therefore, it will be incredibly crucial to ask whether a given exactly solvable model can be deformed preserving its exact solvability. 


Recently, an irrelevant deformation generated by composite operators of conserved currents has been spotlighted in diverse communities. Remarkably, the deformation preserves integrability so that the deformed model is still exactly solvable. This irrelevant deformation has already motivated interesting applications in string theory, holography as well as in quantum information. Many important questions remain to be explored, including its geometrical interpretation, supersymmetric generalizations, the application to non-linear sigma models, AdS/CFT and higher dimensional generalizations, which are not fully understood. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from different fields working on the irrelevant deformation to exchange ideas and develop new insights which will lead to new results as well as new collaborations across these diverse fields.

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Sergei Dubovsky (New York University)
Thiago Fleury (IIP, Brazil)
Sergei Frolov (Trinity College Dublin)
Monica Guica (IPhT, Saclay)
Yunfeng Jiang (Southeast University)
George Jorjadze (Free University of Tbilisi)
Monica Jinwoo Kang (Caltech)
Ki-seok Kim (POSTECH)
Minkyoo Kim (CQUeST)
Jorrit Kruthoff (Stanford University)
Andre LeClair (Cornell University)
​Emil J Martinec (University of Chicago)
Kirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky (PNPI)
Alessandro Sfondrini (IAS Princeton/Padova University) 
Anne Spiering (Trinity College Dublin)
Matthias Staudacher (Humboldt University)
Roberto Tateo (Torino University)
Junggi Yoon (APCTP)


"Panel Discussion on Exact Approaches to Non-planar Physics"

  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00, September 27th (Mon) in Seoul time

  • Chair: Alessandro Sfondrini (IAS Princeton/Padova University)

  • Fernando Alday (University of Oxford)

  • Lorenz Eberhardt (IAS Princeton)

  • Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute)


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